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This product is 20 grams of dried lavender. Many people report its relaxation effects and ability to relieve tension and anxiety, headaches and cold symptoms. The recommended temperature range for vaporizing this herb is 226°F or 130°C.


  • This can be used with all vaporizers, pending your physicians consent

Package Contents

  • 20g dried lavender

How To Use

  1. Turn vaporizer on
  2. Set temperature at 226°F or 130°C.
  3. Place lavender in the heating chamber of your vaporizer like you would for other dried herbs.
  4. You can vaporize lavender by itself, or you can mix it with your other favorite herbs to make an exciting blend.

Note: Side effects differ between individuals. We have suggested some potential benefits based on what others have reported, but you should always do your own research before vaporizing any herb. No guarantee is made regarding efficacy. Always consult your physician before vaporizing any material and diligently review our terms of service and disclaimer. Lavender is reported to relieve tension, anxiety, headaches and cold symptoms when vaporized. This dried lavender can be used in any vaporizer.

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